Going over gridwork and spatial awareness. We will use our hoop to create 3D shapes like cubes and pyramids while learning transitions along the way.

The one-hour class takes place in the Program Room and starts at noon.

Limited to ages 15 and up, all skill levels. All Telluride Fire Festival events at the library are free and open to the public, but space is limited and pre-sign up is required. All juggling materials provided.

Jacquie “Tar-Foot”, 25, comes all the way from Portland, Oregon to perform and teach at the Festival. She has dedicated nine years to object manipulation, and spent the past four years focused on full-time performance and teaching all over the country. Proficient in a variety of props and skills, a variance of hoops and staves are her go-to choice with some hand balancing thrown in for flavor. She is Co-Owner of Self-Discovery Circus. More information can be found here.

  • Schedule

    December 7 at noon

  • Venue

    Wilkinson Public Library: Youth Area