Intro to Hoop Juggling Techniques – Dec. 7, Wilkinson Public Library

In this class Juan will be going over three different techniques that you can manipulate your circles with. The three techniques are rolls, balance, and tossing. At the end of the class you will start to sequence all three together to make cool patterns that everyone will enjoy! Some of the sequencing patterns will include continuous lazies, continuous tomahawks, mutiplex wall/wheel, continuous neck rolls, and juggle to forhead balance. This workshop is one hour and is free and open to all ages. Please reserve your space online in advance as space is limited.

About Juan Guardiola
Juan Guardiola is a Chicago performance artist who has been practicing his art for over a decade, as well as performing and teaching across the U.S., in the circus and Flow Art scene. Taking his manipulations and juggling to the next level, he inspires to push himself and those around him to maximize their full creative potential. Watch Juan and our other talented fire spinners perform Friday and Sunday at the Transfer Warehouse, and Saturday on Reflection Plaza in Mountain Village.