Born in Jamaica and raised in Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic, social and environmental issues pervade Suzan’s work. Her films have appeared on National Public Television and on the Documentary Channel, at Lincoln Center, and at many festivals. Her last film, BAG IT, was honored as a finalist at the Puma Creative Impact Awards in Berlin, and has been televised in over thirty countries. She is currently Festival Director for Telluride’s MountainFilm.


Audrey Marnoy, is a true believer in making things happen for Telluride. She serves on many boards in Telluride whose goals are to enrich the lives and experiences of Telluride residents and visitors. She is on the board of Directors for the Telluride Science Research Center as their Marketing Strategist and Philanthropist, and honorary trustee for Telluride MountainFilm.


An entrepreneur steeped in the world of lighting design for the past two decades (and owner of his own lighting design firm – enLIGHTen), Chris understands the power of light: fire being the first source of nighttime illumination for man. Committed to community and taking calculated risks, he has been elected to Town Councils (twice), been a leader of a mountain rescue team, and started multiple enduring businesses. Passionate about whatever he chooses to embrace, he brings a commitment to success to the festival, assuring it’s being a net-zero carbon event (and having lots of fun).


Lawry made Telluride his “real” home a few years ago. Like so many in this diverse community, Lawry has several other dimensions to his being. While most of us were watching TV coverage of the uprisings called the “Arab Spring”, de Bivort was in North Africa talking to the people involved.

Lawry is currently working on “Crafting the Human Future” and in his spare time, is an active participant on the Fire Festal board.

Lawry holds a PhD from the School of Advanced International Studies at the Johns Hopkins University, and for the last five decades has studied the politics, conflicts, development, law, history, and sociology of the Middle East and North Africa, and of the Arab and Muslim worlds.


Chef Chad Scothorn brought his culinary vision to Telluride in 1996 after 22 years in restaurants from Oklahoma to Argentina. The Cosmopolitan, is a fine-dining, 80-seat restaurant that serves contemporary cuisine, in Telluride. The Cosmopolitan has been featured in Wine Spectator as “one of the prime movers of the local dining scene,” listed in the Zagat guide, and has earned the Award of Excellence from Wine Spectatorevery consecutive year since 1998.

Scothorn has received national attention for his innovative cuisine from Food critics with The New York Times, Nation’s Restaurant News,Snow Country, Esquire, Bon Appetit, and Connoisseur.


As a former Festival Director for the Telluride Wine during its most successful years (2004-2006), Erin has first-hand experience with all aspects of producing festivals, from fundraising, acquiring sponsorships, promoting and marketing events, obtaining staff, enticing volunteers to be part of a fun festival, etc. Erin has lived (and worked) in the Telluride region for 24 years, and is well versed in the nuances of nonprofit event production. For fun she makes the sexiest costumes for the TAB (Fashion Show), is co-creator of Telluride’s first art car at Burning Man (The SHack-To-Hell-U-Ride), is an advocate for San Miguel Resource Center, and gives her all to whatever she does.


Jacqui is the 5th/6th grade lead teacher at Telluride Mountain School. She was born and raised in Upstate New York and grew up with a love and appreciation for nature and the outdoors. She came to Telluride with family rooted here and an admiration of the creative, active, and driven people who reside here.

In her spare time Jacqui teaches how to play the ukulele at the Ah Haa School for the Arts and is a member of The Ukuladies—a local band that performs often in Telluride.

She earned her BA in English Literature and Masters in The Teaching of Writing and Rhetoric in Brooklyn at Long Island University.

She is excited to be on the board for the Festival and contribute to it’s success.


Jerry is a long-time local and owner of LaBonté Nutrition & Wellness, Personal Trainer, Group Fitness Instructor at Fuel Telluride, and active supporter of the arts in Telluride.

To say that Jerry is an energetic member of the Telluride community is an understatement. You might recognize him from appearing on stage for the Telluride Aids Benefit, Telluride Theater, KOTO Lip Sync or behind the bar raising money for the Telluride Arts District or Telluride Fire Festival

His most recent project includes offering an affordable healthy meal prep service to the locals in Telluride using sustainable practices, reusable packaging, and locally sourced food whenever possible.

Jerry brings a lot of passion and fresh perspective to every project he works on and for that we are happy to have him on our Board of Directors.