Dragon Staff Workshop, Sunday, Dec. 8, 11am

Hatching Dragons & Fundamentals With Vera Sizintseva

This workshop will introduce dragon staff to the beginner and will cover drills for the more experienced dragon tamer to expand their understanding of pathways the dragon takes. Vera will also teach how to give simple movements flair and personality, going over both rolling directions to incorporate a solid foundation of non-stop flow.

By the end of workshop, students should be able to chi roll in both directions, perform duck outs, and do drills to enter more advanced movements and understand beginner roll theory.

Vera Sizintseva is a Russian circus and flow arts performer based in Denver, CO. She has been learning and teaching flow arts for six years. Her favorite prop is dragon staff. Circus has now taken over her life, but she loves giving back to new flow artists and teaching beginner dragon staff classes.