Clowning Around: A crash course is FUN: Sunday, 2pm

Have you ever wanted to run away and join the circus? Have you ever felt or been called a clown and want to embrace that title? Or perhaps you wanted the free red nose? Well look no further than this fun focused class. Where we will dive into what it truly means to be the fool. In this wacky workshop we will play with a plethora of props in a rapid round robin rotation and snicker during some silly classic clown shenanigans. Guaranteed fun for any age or skill level. Oh! Did I mention the free red nose?

Class size: 10 clowns

Ben Dukeminier
An actor turned clown, Ben has been in the performing arts for over 15 years. He is one of the founding members of the “Secret Circus Society” in which he trains in a multitude of skills such as: aerial silks, street magic, clowning, rolling globe, playing with fire, juggling and the list always seems to be growing but what he is best known for is his work on stilts. He prides himself on not being just a stilt walker but instead a stilt dancer who likes to climb mountains, dance above the crowds and push the limits of what a 10-foot tall person can do.

  • Schedule

    Sunday: 2:00pm – 3:00pm

  • Venue

    Wilkinson Public Library In Town