Beginner Buugeng
Saturday, Dec. 8, 11am

Buugeng and S-Staffs are expressive S-shaped objects that are spun, juggled, and manipulated to make shapes and illusions. The art of S-Staff borrows many moves from traditional staff spinning, with the inclusion of the curved S-shape to create isolation tricks and hook the prop around the body.

Kimberly will teach you easy to understand skills to learn this never before seen in Telluride prop manipulation! The class will consist of easy moves everyone can do, and you will be sure to mesmerize your friends!

Kimberly Bucki is a performer out of Chicago, IL, and has toured the U.S. and the world sharing her love for teaching and performing the art of body and prop manipulation. She works with Acrobatics Infiniti Circus, as well as Beyond Wings Circus out of Nashville, TN. She loves what she does, and wants to share her love of Buugeng with you, as it is a gorgeous art of manipulation and body control and awareness.
  • Schedule

    • Saturday 11:00 AM
  • Venue

    • Wilkinson Public Library
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