Craig Childs, an author and explorer, has published more than a dozen critically acclaimed books, including House of Rain and The Secret Knowledge of Water. His work has appeared in the New York Times, Los Angeles Times, Men’s Journal, and Outside.

Join author and explorer Craig in an open-air storytelling around the fire at Oak Street Gondola Jan. 19 at 6:30pm. He traveled with a tribe of minstrels, including Timmy O’Neill, walking for six days across the Black Rock Desert to reach Burning Man from the backside. This is the story of their journey. Flagstaff, AZ-based musicians, The Scatterlithics, may possibly accompany the spoken word performance. Some of whom were on the trek.
Photo above courtesy of James Q Martin.

  • Schedule

    Thursday 6:30pm

  • Venue

    Oak Street Gondola Plaza